Welcome to Wonders Of The Craft!

January 30, 2019

Welcome to Wonders Of The Craft!

It's about time we started a blog. I mean, all the kids were doing it ten years ago. Who knows, one day it'll just be videos! But for now, be sure to check in here for feature articles and inside scoop from some very creative magicians. 

Some things to look forward to are secrets, tips, and tricks of performing on stage from full time professional magicians and theatre experts. We'll give you introspective articles about creating magic and the journey many magicians have taken. I'm probably most excited about The Sleight Club Insider; an inside look at some of the topics, routines, and ideas we discuss at the Sleight Club table. 

We'll also share updates, new releases, and exclusive offers on projects like our original playing card project on Kickstarter. www.phronesiscards.com 

This is only a small taste of what we have planned. Stay tuned for the next post giving you a sneak peek at what we have planned for the Phronesis Project! 

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